Advance Venture Partners is an evergreen venture capital firm designed to make concentrated, long-duration investments in tech and tech-enabled companies.

  • We are theme or sector-driven and are comfortable investing in companies serving either enterprise or consumer end markets.
  • We work tirelessly to support exceptional founders and operators building disruptive, landscape-changing businesses.
  • We write $10 to $25 million first checks into businesses with product in market, evidence of product-market-fit, sound fundamentals, compelling growth, and large end markets.
  • Our evergreen fund structure allows us to be patient capital and long-term strategic partners to our portfolio companies.
  • AVP is built in partnership with Advance, a family-owned multi-genera­tional holding company that owns and operates enduring media and technology companies.
  • We concentrate our time in industries and verticals where we have built conviction around evolving market trends and the opportu­nities created for emerging platforms. We are actively pursuing investments in verticals including digital health, data platforms, and robotics