Advance Venture Partners is an evergreen venture capital firm designed to make concentrated, long-duration investments in tech and tech-enabled companies.

We are theme or sector-driven and are comfortable investing in companies serving either enterprise or consumer end markets. We work tirelessly to support exceptional founders and operators building disruptive, landscape-changing businesses.

  • We write $10 to $25 million first checks into businesses with product in market, evidence of product-market-fit, sound fundamentals, compelling growth, and large end markets.
  • Our evergreen fund structure allows us to be patient capital and long-term strategic partners to our portfolio companies.
  • AVP is built in partnership with Advance, a family-owned multi-genera­tional holding company that owns and operates enduring media and technology companies.
  • We concentrate our time in industries and verticals where we have built conviction around evolving market trends and the opportu­nities created for emerging platforms. We are actively pursuing investments in verticals including insurance technology, digital health, data platforms, and financial technology.
  • Digital Health: Digital Health platforms utilize computing power, connec­tivity, sensors, and software to deliver or improve the delivery of health care services to patients. These platforms can be made available to patients through a wide range of channels, address a broad spectrum of health care specialties, utilize a variety of technologies and tech-enabled services, and vary in the degree to which they power or disrupt traditional healthcare industry models. What these platforms have in common, whether they are wellness platforms providing preven­tative medicine, telemedicine platforms providing remote care, or digital pharmacy platforms improving prescription drug delivery, is their focus on (a) reducing the cost of care, (b) improving the quality and outcomes of care, and © increasing access to care. AVP invests in Digital Health platforms that have begun to demonstrate that they can achieve more than one of these objectives with capital efficient and highly scalable business models.
  • Data Platforms: Over the past several decades, the ability to collect, store, and manage data has increased exponen­tially. However, we are still in the early stages of companies leveraging this data to provide insightful, actionable intel to executive decision makers. While the importance of data science has increased dramat­ically, the impact of data science teams on their organi­zations has been directly correlated with their level of connec­tivity with the functional business units they support. AVP invests in data platforms and services that can meaningfully improve the sharing of data and actionable insights between data science teams and their organi­zations’ leaders, advanced business intelligence tools and data platforms that enable better decision making in real-time, and platforms that drive the standard­ization of business metrics across organizations. 
  • InsurTech: Insurance is the backbone of the economy and critical to supporting investment, innovation, and well-being globally. The industry has been slow to digitize because it is highly regulated, complex, and dominated by hundred-year-old incumbents. We are in the early innings of a techno­logical transfor­mation that not will only improve customer experience and drive efficiencies and produc­tivity across the value chain, but also make new insurance products possible. AVP invests in entrepreneurs building new insurance products through risk-bearing entities and software that supports the insurance ecosystem, such as product development, distri­bution, underwriting, policy adminis­tration, and claims.
  • FinTech: Fintech platforms have altered the way businesses think about traditional financial services. Embedded finance offerings encompassing wallets, payments, and lending allow nonbank companies to improve customer experiences and increase lifetime value. In addition, improvements in financial literacy have created an environment where incumbent wealth management solutions are ripe for disruption by wealthtech” that enables consumers and businesses to take control of their long-term investment decisions. Companies also recognize the potential role of blockchain technology to improve the efficiency and security of modern financial systems. AVP invests in fintech businesses that democratize finance in the form of personal wealth platforms, B2B embedded solutions, and decentralized technologies.